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Physiotherapy near me

Are you recovering from a car accident? Look no further than Solace Physio!

Physiotherapy treatment for motor vehicle accidents

Solace Physio is your destination for comprehensive care following a motor vehicle accident. Our renowned center is dedicated to helping individuals return to a healthy and productive lifestyle after experiencing such incidents.

Our expert team of healthcare professionals is here to offer you a wide range of services, accelerating your recovery process and ensuring your path to optimal health.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and require assistance, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what we offer:

  • All ICBC services conveniently located under one roof.
  • Seamless direct billing to ICBC for your peace of mind.*
  • Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable clinicians.
  • We are trusted by both the community and medical physicians.
  • Booking appointments with us is a breeze, thanks to our easy online booking system.
  • Our locations are designed for your convenience, with free parking available.

When you visit our front desk, don’t forget to ask for your ICBC welcome package. It contains a wealth of information to support you on your journey to recovery.

Please note that while we offer direct billing for the ICBC portion, it may not apply to additional user fees for RMT sessions lasting 45 minutes or longer.

Did you know that patients with an active claim can access the following services?

  • Physiotherapy (up to 25 sessions)
  • Chiropractic (up to 25 sessions)
  • Massage Therapy (up to 12 sessions)
  • Kinesiology and Active Rehabilitation (up to 12 sessions)
  • Acupuncture (up to 12 sessions)
  • Counselling (up to 12 sessions)

An active claim is defined as within 12 weeks from the accident date.

Wondering how it all works? Here’s a simple guide:

  • If you’ve been in a car accident, reach out to us.
  • At Solace Physio, you’ll find a comprehensive range of services all in one place.
  • We can arrange back-to-back appointments for your convenience, maximizing the benefits of your treatment while saving you time.
  • Rest assured, we’ll handle the direct billing of your treatment costs to ICBC.

Solace Physio is your trusted partner on your road to recovery. Contact us today, and let us guide you through the journey to renewed health and well-being.

Intern Massage Therapist offering 60 mins massage for $55