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Physiotherapy near me

Registered Massage Therapist

Best Female Physiotherapist
Jessie successfully completed the full-time RMT program at Vancouver Career College. As well as passing the CMTBC Registration Examinations
● Knowledgeable in sports related injuries and rehabilitation
● Can provide effective treatments for whiplash, sprain or strain injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica and many more
● Jessie offers a wide variety of treatments and techniques such as fascial release, facilitated stretching, Swedish massage, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage, postpartum treatment, and more
● Jessie has experience at senior homes such as Seton Villa and Chartwell, providing effective and safe treatments for those with Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Pacemakers, Disc Disease, Spondylosis and more.
● Jessie was a full-time contemporary dancer before her RMT career, making her knowledgeable in Dance related injuries and rehabilitation. Jessie has seen dancers from the Vancouver Warriors Dance Team, Simply Ballet Dance Studio, and others.
● Jessie ensures her treatments are patient focused, making sure the needs of the patients are met and achieving their short and long term goals

Intern Massage Therapist offering 60 mins massage for $55