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Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy in North Vancouver

During pregnancy and after childbirth, a woman’s body experiences significant changes that can impact her musculoskeletal system. The gradual growth of the baby, weight gain, decreased exercise, and hormonal changes can all contribute to discomfort, pain, muscle weakness, incontinence, and swelling. It’s important for women to take care of their bodies during this time and seek appropriate medical care to address any issues that arise

Common Pre-/Post-Natal Issues:

  • Low back pain
  • Sacro-iliac joint pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pelvic floor weakness/Urinary incontinence
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Postural changes
  • Rectus abdominus diastasis
What is Prenatal & Postnatal Physiotherapy At Solace ?

At Solace Physiotherapy, we offer Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy to address these women’s specific pregnancy issues.With the help of our physiotherapists and massage therapists, you can stay active throughout your pregnancy and into motherhood while alleviating painful symptoms, strengthening the body, and minimizing the recurrence of injuries.

Solace provides physical therapy services that accommodate the requirements of pregnancy and postpartum. During these life events, your body endures a vast number of changes, potentially leading to conditions that disrupt regular functioning. These issues are not necessarily part of the regular new-parenthood experience – physiotherapy can help improve pelvic floor health as well as other matters. With proper instruction, hands-on care, and home exercises, these issues can be treated efficiently and secondary problems minimized.

Pregnancy inevitably brings physical changes and demands difficult adjustments. It can affect women’s diaphragms, back muscles, ligaments, bladder, sacrum and pelvis. Even long after they have given birth, some mothers may still be dealing with changes to their pelvic area. Fortunately, the team of professionals at Solace physiotherapy in North Vancouver offers pre/postnatal physiotherapy sessions that can reduce stress and help pregnant or postpartum mothers feel more in control of their bodies. These sessions can target things like chronic pain in the pelvis, stress incontinence, constipation and tight/immobile scar tissue. They may even assist with more minor issues such as painful intercourse and hemorrhoids.

What conditions can be treated?


  • Pelvic girdle pain associated with pregnancy
  • Throughout pregnancy, posture analysis and advice are provided
  • Pregnancy-related body aches and pains
  • Physical preparation for birth and early postpartum recommendations
  • Providing pregnancy-specific activity guidelines

Treatment may include:

  • Assessment and treatment of the entire body
  • Pelvic girdle pain can be treated with rost therapy
  • The function and retraining of the pelvic floor
  • The use of manual therapy
  • Release and retraining of muscles
  • As needed, exercise-based rehabilitation following a postpartum return to activity

Treatments may include:

  • Pelvic Floor Specific strengthening programs
  • Postural Re-education programs
  • Stretching & strengthening exercises

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