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Vertigo/ Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Do You Need Help with Your Dizziness and Vertigo? SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC is the Answer!

Dizziness or vertigo? Does it interfere with your daily activities? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC and its Vestibular Physiotherapy treatment can help you

These Symptoms Alongside Your Dizziness?

Dizziness can be caused by poor sleep, a poor diet, or an illness such as COVID-19 or a head cold.

The following symptoms may accompany dizziness:

  • Loss of balance
  • Feeling faint
  • Tunnel vision
  • Light-headedness

What Is the Cause of My Dizziness and Vertigo?

Vertigo and balance issues can be caused by a number of factors, including:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

When tiny calcium crystals in your ears become displaced and float around in the semicircular canals of your inner ear, BPPV causes dizziness. Changes in position, particularly when lying down or sitting up, can cause vertigo

Meniere’s disease

When excessive fluid builds up in your ear, it causes ear ringing and episodes of dizziness that can last for hours, as well as temporary hearing loss.


If you have recently experienced a stroke, you may experience waves of vertigo.

Vestibular neuritis

A vertigo-causing inner ear infection affects the nerve.

The Solution? A Comprehensive Vestibular Physiotherapy Treatment Plan!

Vestibular Physiotherapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on addressing issues related to the vestibular system, which contributes to balance and spatial orientation. Tailored exercises and maneuvers performed under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist can significantly improve symptoms of dizziness and vertigo caused by conditions like BPPV or vestibular neuritis. Through targeted rehabilitation, individuals can regain stability, reduce dizziness, and enhance overall quality of life with Physiotherapist treatments for vestibular rehab. If you’re seeking effective solutions for your dizziness and vertigo, Vestibular Physiotherapy at SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC offers personalized care to address the root cause and restore your sense of balance.

SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC provides the best Physiotherapist treatments for vestibular rehab

At SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, our commitment to providing exceptional Physiotherapist treatments for vestibular rehab is underscored by our personalized approach. Tailoring care to meet the unique needs of individuals grappling with dizziness and vertigo, our expert physiotherapists employ specialized exercises and therapeutic maneuvers. Here’s what sets our vestibular physiotherapy treatments apart:

Targeted Interventions: Our treatments are meticulously designed to focus on the vestibular system, addressing the root causes of balance disruptions.

Personalized Rehabilitation Plans: Emphasizing individualized care, our expert practitioners craft rehabilitation plans that guide patients through exercises aimed at enhancing coordination, stability, and spatial orientation.

Versatility in Conditions: Whether the discomfort stems from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s disease, stroke-induced vertigo, or vestibular neuritis, our skilled team is adept at delivering effective vestibular physiotherapy.

Promoting Neuroplasticity: By fostering neuroplasticity and encouraging adaptation within the vestibular system, our treatments empower individuals to regain control, alleviate dizziness, and enhance overall functional capabilities.

SOLACE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC stands as a dedicated center of expertise in

Physiotherapist treatments for vestibular rehab, committed to aiding individuals in overcoming challenges associated with dizziness and vertigo. Our goal is to improve their daily lives and restore a sense of balance.

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