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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy is a specialized field of healthcare that focuses on preventing injuries and helping patients recover to their full potential in terms of physical fitness, regardless of age or ability. This field combines principles from sport and exercise science with an understanding of physiological and pathological processes to prepare individuals for training, competition, and work. Whether you’re an athlete or simply looking to improve your overall fitness, Sports Therapy can help you achieve your goals.

At our clinic, we accept ICBC claims and offer active rehab/kinesiology services. Sports therapy combines manual techniques and exercise rehabilitation to ease musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Our certified athletic therapists are skilled in injury identification and rehabilitation, able to deliver on-field care for professional or elite athletes in emergency situations. Similarly, they cater to a wide client base; children with mild concussions through seniors who have recently had hip replacement surgery. Through manual treatment methods, modalities, exercises, bracing or taping, we’re determined to help each patient return to their regular activities

What is a Sports Therapist?

Sports therapy is a field that applies principles of sports and exercise to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and prepare individuals for physical activity. In addition to providing immediate care for injuries and basic life support, sports therapists also assess, treat, and rehabilitate injuries, and refer individuals to specialists when necessary.  Sports Therapists at Solace Physiotherapy Clinicare trained to provide soft tissue interventions in a sports and exercise context, and develop rehabilitation plans to help individuals return to training or work. Overall, sports therapy plays a crucial role in promoting physical health and well-being in recreational, training, occupational, and competitive environments.

Heal where you hurt

At Solace Physiotherapy Clinic, we are committed to helping you heal from any injury and reduce your chances of future ones. Our team of physiotherapists and Sport Therapists specialize in musculoskeletal conditions such as sprains, strains, ligament tears, cartilage issues, dislocations, and fractures. We know how these injuries can arise from physical activities and use various sport/athletic therapy techniques to guide our clients back to health. Our clinics are outfitted with exercise and fitness equipment to tailor a treatment program that is specific to each individual’s needs. Upon review of the client’s history and previous treatments, we will craft a plan to target their condition accordingly. With this comprehensive approach focused on your rehabilitation goals through the mechanics of your sport or activity, you can trust that you will get optimal care and support at Solace Physiotherapy Clinic.

At Solace Physiotherapy Clinic, our certified Athletic Therapists give their all in assisting individuals to recover from musculoskeletal injuries and resume their normal activities. While the name may imply otherwise, our therapists can treat a variety of patients – from children who sustained concussions to elderly people who recently had hip replacement. With a combination of manual therapy, strengthening exercises, modalities, braces and taping, we are able to aid those injured in sports or during practice. Furthermore, these therapists are trained to be Primary Responders at sporting events and immediately provide medical assistance for athletes of all backgrounds.

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