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Foot Pain

It is possible to find relief from foot pain

If you suffer from foot pain as a result of overuse or traumatic injury, we understand how frustrating it can be.

Walking, standing or getting up in the morning can become extremely painful. Finding relief from foot pain does not have to be endless.

You can get back on your feet without pain by taking steps toward recovery as soon as possible. Stop procrastinating and get relief from foot pain today!

Are you suffering from any of these foot pain conditions?

Injuries to the feet can cause pain ranging from mild to excruciating. Foot pain can result from acute injuries or chronic underlying conditions common causes of foot pain include, but are not limited to, the following

Strains and Sprains

Sprains of the ankle ligament are a common injury, which can happen when playing a sport, tripping, or strolling along uneven ground. Without proper rehabilitation, the ligament can become stiff and painful, and the muscles around it can lose their coordination and stabilizing ability. Therefore, to prevent future sprains it is essential to provide therapy for scarring and extra stability for the ankle..

Plantar fasciitis

The connective tissues on the bottom of the foot are irritated and inflamed by plantar fasciitis. In addition to flat and fallen arches, tightened calf muscles are often to blame, as well as prolonged standing, poor posture, or inadequate arch support in footwear.


A chronic and exacerbated condition of the ankle tendons (such as the peroneal and Achilles) can result in pain and inflammation when walking and running.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Inflammation of the tibial causes sharp, shooting pains, pins and needles, and burning sensations in the feet.


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common types of arthritis. Both types are associated with foot and ankle pain. Arthritis can affect people of all ages.


A fracture occurs when the bone is subjected to excessive force or trauma, causing a crack or break completely.  As a result of running long distances, such as marathons, a breakdown in running mechanics or ill-fitting footwear can result in stress fractures. For foot or ankle fractures to heal properly, weeks of rest may be required


Treatment plans for physiotherapy include specialized manual therapy techniques, exercises, and stretches to improve joint mobility, balance, and foot strength.

To assist you in resuming your normal activities, we will do everything in our power to alleviate your foot pain and improve your overall alignment while standing, walking (and running).

You can count on our Vancouver physiotherapy center to help you if you or a loved one are suffering from foot pain.


To determine the source of your foot pain, our physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your whole body before developing a customized treatment plan.


We may recommend lifestyle changes or orthotics to prevent re-injury or further complications in the future.

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